RC Hotel - More Models

Models. Many models. A group bought some foamboard with them and cut/assembled a FlitTest Saab Viggen in their hotel room. It flew very well after a few interesting starts…

RC Hotel - Seawind

Horrible. Probably the worst model I had a go of. Don’t ask me why, but it seemed underpowered, and really, really poor handling. I just couldn’t get on with it at all.

RC Hotel - Twinstar

I’ve flown loads of models, but to be honest I’ve been lacking in the photography department. I am on a flying holiday not a photo holiday after all. I liked this model a lot, even though it’s a hand-launch and belly-lander. Flies so well.

RC Hotel - Oops, Tree 1 : 0 FunCub

Ah, yes. I just got it a little wrong coming in with the Fun Cub (which is actually very entertaining to fly) and put it in a tree. it wasn’t my fault, the tree was magnetic. Honest. The RC Hotel is in a hilly area surrounded by forest. The evil, thorny and very, very dense kind of forest. Joe, the resident fixer kindly assisted in the recovery. Thanks Joe! My word.

RC Hotel - Corfu, Greece

Well, I’m not sure how I managed it, but here we are (me and the wife) for the week in the RC Hotel, Corfu, Greece. Yes, that’s correct; I managed to convince the wife that we should go on holiday to a place dedicated to model flying. The RC Hotel is an RC model flying place that happens to have a great hotel on site :) That wording is like that for a reason - there are a few other places in Europe that try and match the needs of the model flyer to a hotel but they are all a hotel that happens to be near a model-flying strip.